FORSAP is a company providing accounting and payroll services to national and international businesses.


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Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 17:00



Our Clients’ books and registers are kept using a solutions provided by Symfonia. It is also possible to define reports in accordance with the Client’s requirements.



Running a business requires constant decision-making and searching for proper solutions.

To our Clients we offer professional and efficient bookkeeping, detailed analyses and counseling in making effectual tax, accounting and business decisions.

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When managing our Client’s Bookkeeping we maintain constant communication to recommend suitable tax and accounting solutions adapted specifically to Client’s business’ specifics.

Bookkeeping and Accounting in Accordance with the Polish Act of Accounting.

We offer our client possibility of managing Full Accounting enriched with reporting abilities in accordance to the Act of Accounting as well as financial reports in accordance to International Accounting Standards/International Financial Reports Standards and US GAAP.

To ensure high quality of services we constantly monitor entity’s tax situation through:

  • improving documentation turnover
  • counseling on tax optimization solutions
  • ensuring tax safety of transactions
  • coordination of formal and accounting appearance of each first Accounting Evidence (sales invoice, export invoice, payment call etc.)
  • analysis of documentation accuracy
  • informing on prospective changes in regulations that may influence Client’s business activity
  • daily counseling and consultation

Considering Polish Act of Accounting, Polish and International accounting standards and changing tax regulations we offer to our Clients:

  • keeping record of Books and accounting documentation
  • keeping record of fixed assets as well as intangible and legal assets for balance and tax purposes and managing monthly capital allowances in accordance to customer’s amortization plan
  • keeping record of purchases and sales required by product and services tax
  • computing monthly obligations due to product and services tax and monthly fees on Personal Income Tax of legal entities
  • keeping record of qualitative and quantitative stock operations or integration with Client’s systems
  • control of debts and creditors
  • current monitoring and payment realization
  • preparation of sales invoices
  • preparation of obligatory and additional financial reports (Annual Report)
  • preparation of obligatory statistical reports for Central Statistical Office
  • converting reports into other accounting standards
  • up-to-date information on changes in legal and tax regulations applicable for Client’s business activity
  • preparing Clients for running business activity on EU markets
  • cooperation with financial-accounting services representatives and controlling institutions
  • counseling on accuracy of economic and financial operations with regard of current regulations

Bookkeeping supervision

Possible for Clients who are interested in maintaining their own accounts department, but would like to outsource the obligations and responsibilities of the Chief Accountant This solution allows one to use one’s own resources, whilst at the same time introducing on element of external control.

Managing Debts and Creditors Register

With our services we offer our customers possibility of current supervision over debts and obligations. It allows for better planning and control of financial liquidity as well as managing financial resources – including cash. Additionally our client can monitor debts and obligations of contractors to adapt firm’s offer to particular customer groups. Service of managing debts and obligations register we realize by:

  • preparing specifications and monitoring contractors’ terms of payment together with current and future obligations
  • preparing register of delayed or unpaid debts and obligations
  • monitoring contractors’ missing payment deadlines for products and services
  • monitoring resources on client’s account to adapt them to actual requirements
  • managing payments for obligations on basis of proxy or drawing up order of payment – preparing forms for bank transfers or electronic signatures for bank system authorization.
  • drawing up and sending payment calls
  • execution of payment warrants
  • transferring cases of unpaid obligations for legal execution to client’s legal department

Keeping books of the Clients’ premises

Forsap personnel would service Client accounts whilst working on the Client’s premises and with the Client’s software – i.e. SAP.

Preparing sales invoice system and managing stock documentation

Our offer includes preparation of invoices and managing stock documentation. It enables a client to liberate resources and improves fluency of daily operations.

Invoicing and managing stock documentation is especially recommended to organizations connected with telecommunication solutions, Internet, financial solutions, housing communities and cooperatives, small-sized companies and other entities of interest.


Personnel and Payroll

We offer our customers possibility to liberate from laborious duties like constant payroll management and personnel administration, the way they can concentrate on firm’s key priorities and reduce operational costs.

Employer Registration

We perform registration of employer in National Labor Inspectorate and Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. Additionally we prepare applications and manage documentation required by Labor Regulations.

Organizing the accounts department

At the request of the Client we may completely organize the accounts department including:

  • Developing the Company Chart of Accounts.
  • Setting-up internal and control procedures, including documentation flow

We Prepare Regulations and Statutes

For our client we prepare Labor Regulations, Remuneration Regulations and Organizational Social Fund Statutes.

Personal documentation

We manage up-to-date personal documentation with a special consideration of formal and legal requirements. Additionally we manage questions of wages payments including:

  • preparation of recruitment documentation, labor conditions and wage changes documentation, dismissal documentation.
  • managing holiday and “day-off” that employees are entitled to use, medical leaves and other social benefits guaranteed by Labor Regulations
  • control over Safety and Sanitation of Work

We Account Social Security Fees and Personal Income Tax

We manage current account of Social Security fees and Personal Income Tax for private entities including:

  • managing personal data register for social security purposes
  • preparation of payroll lists with regard of tax obligations and calculation of social security fees for particular funds,
  • calculation and production of pay slips
  • sending required declarations, reports and information to the Tax Authorities.
  • transmitting electronically client’s data to Social Insurance Institution
  • providing our customers with financial transfer requirements and information regarding the amount of Remuneration Tax and other fees in accordance with proper regulations
  • preparation of annual reports on level of profit and advanced payments on Personal Income Tax (PIT – 11, PIT – 40)
  • preparation of reports on employees wages necessary when granting retirement pensions, establishing initial capital of employee security fund, preparation of applications for establishing initial capital (RP – 7, RP – 6, KP – 1)
  • making applicant, actualizing and settlement declarations and reports for Social Insurance Institution
  • updating databases for Social Insurance Institution purposes regarding employer, employees and fees for Social Security
  • preparation of reports on employment and wages for purposes of Central Statistical Office, especially Z-01, Z-03, Z-06, Z-10, Z-12 Z-KW

We Manage Personnel Documentation

We gather and complete information from:

  • Employee’s personal records
  • Payroll lists
  • Other personnel documentation regarding remuneration, tax obligations, social security obligations, social security benefits and social fund benefits



We provide our customers with professional counseling on regulations and duties of an employer. We also help in managing personnel issues and resolving related problems.


Financial analysis

In our offer a Client may find a variety of analysis adapted to particular business, it’s environment and branch specifics. The scope of information is designed for each Client separately.

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